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2014 Blizzard Brahma Skis

2014 Blizzard Brahma Skis Daniel Feinstein
Stability - 100%
Turning - 92%
Responsiveness - 96%
Speed - 80%
Design - 96%
Price - 90%

Summary: Great rocker, equally fantastic in powder and for carving on hard-packed snow.


Great rocker

Great both on the hard-packed snow of the East and softer, powder of the West, the Blizzard Brahma is a fabulous all-purpose downhill ski.

The magic of the Brahma begins with the ski’s core. The core is made of a combination of paulowinia, poplar and bamboo woods and titanium, for added stiffness. The components are pressed using Blizzard’s Flipcore 3D Technology. Most companies will generally start out with a cambered core and then bend it in a mold in order to create the rocker shape. The core components of the Brahma have a rockered shape to begin with and exit the press in the same shape that they entered. As a result, the skis have a very natural spring and amazing floatation in powder while maintaining the right amount of stability required for packed snow.

The Brahma’s a 3D Tip-Tail Rocker combines a subtle rocker in both the tip and tail with camber underfoot to resulting in great performance on powder and excellent carving and edging on hard-packed snow.

Designed for all types of terrain, the Blizzard Brahmas are the perfect choice for experienced skiers that love plowing through deep powder as much as they do ripping and tearing through the harder stuff.

  • All mountain
  • Great carving
  • Awesome on powder
  • A little too narrow

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