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Running Socks

Published on February 20th, 2014 | by Daniel Feinstein


2XU Elite Compression Performance Sock

2XU Elite Compression Performance Sock Daniel Feinstein
Comfort - 100%
Cushioning - 84%
Support - 100%
Quality - 84%
Price - 80%

Summary: Fantastic compression socks for runners with circulation problems or for those just looking for increased performance and decreased recovery times.


Comfort and compression

Increase performance and reduce recovery time with these incredibly versatile compression socks from 2XU.

Runners with circulation issues require extra support to minimize swelling and the discomfort that can often arise with strenuous exercise. 2XU’s Elite Compression Performance Socks have special fabric zones that begin in the foot of the sock and continue through the heel and ankle and up the lower leg. These fabric zones offer enhanced gradient compression in order to maximize circulation in the lower leg as well as muscle containment. The result is reduced fatigue and soreness and increased proprioceptivity and performance.

The technology driving these socks is 2XU’s special PWX POWER compression fabric which provides enhanced support for the arch of the foot, Achilles heel, ankle, calf and shin. The sock has a graduated fit which means faster recovery times and significantly improved circulation. The high filament yarns making up the fabric do a fabulous job of wicking moisture away from the skin for maximum comfort and to help eliminate the formation of blisters. The heels have a very light padding which does a nice job of absorbing shock and the toe cages are linked for additional comfort. The socks offer UPF50+ protection from the sun and they are treated with an antibacterial compound to reduce the formation of odors.

While 2XU Elite Compression Performance Socks are designed for runners with circulation problems, they are appropriate for all runners looking to reduce fatigue and improve performance. These socks truly are stellar; however, they are not cheap. In order to ensure that they maintain their elasticity and usefulness, it is important that they are hand or machine washed in cold water using a mild detergent.

  • Graduated Fit
  • Comfortable
  • Reduces fatigue and increases circulation
  • Somewhat delicate

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Dan began running at the age of 10 and ran competitively through high school participating in both Cross Country and Track. He later found himself in the military where accumulated a great deal of knowledge and experience in hiking, camping and survival. Dan continues to run and has become an avid cycler, taking extended tours on a regular basis. He is currently training for the 2015 NYC Ironman.

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