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Cycling helmets

Published on January 30th, 2014 | by Daniel Feinstein


Giro Aeon Helmet

Giro Aeon Helmet Daniel Feinstein
Aerodynamics - 80%
Comfort - 100%
Protection - 80%
Appearance - 80%
Price - 80%

Summary: This lightweight and comfortable helmet offers unbelievable ventilation making it the perfect choice for hot weather riding.


Light and Airy

The Aeon is an ultra-light, comfortable and highly ventilated helmet ideally suited for long rides under the hot summer sun.

The trick to developing cycling helmets is to make them as light and well-ventilated as possible while keeping the CPSC safety standard for impact resistance in mind. Giro’s Prolight, an earlier helmet model, was fantastically light, lighter still than the Aeon. The problem with the Prolight was that in an effort to reduce weight, Giro sacrificed comfort. The helmet lacked adjustment features and had a fairly tight fit. The Aeon combines the astounding lightness of Giro’s Prolight and the comfort, ability to adjust for fit and phenomenal ventilation of their Ionos model to create a really sick 220 gram helmet.

The Aeon is an extremely comfortable helmet. It boasts the Roc Loc 5 retention system, a recent technology developed by Giro that helps the helmet to fit snugly on your head through the utilization of very easy to use circumference and height adjustments.

The Aeon owes its incredible ventilation to a new Thermoformed SL internal skeleton which allows for significantly deeper internal channels and vents. The result is that you can actually feel the air rushing over the top over your head when riding. Another great thing about the larger vents is that you can get your fingers in there pretty easily in order to address an itchy head.

The brow of the Aeon has a central split and the strategic placement of the X-Static interior padding helps to evaporate sweat and prevent it from dripping all over your sunglasses.

The only issue with the Aeon is with durability. In developing the super lightweight Thermoformed SL Roll Cage, it would appear that Giro compromised the helmets durability somewhat. The foam is very squishy and susceptible to chipping and damage. In addition, the underside of the helmet will also show signs of wear with regular use.

  • Ultra light
  • Comfortable
  • Incredible ventilation
  • Sacrificed durability for reduced weight

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