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Jones Snowboards Flagship Snowboard

The Jones Flagship snowboard is widely regarded as one of the world’s premier freeride snowboards; boasting phenomenal stability at top speeds and excellent grip for holding turns.

More than 20 years of research and development stand behind the Jones Flagship Snowboard resulting in a very powerful and highly responsive board. Previous iterations of this model were produced in the Nidecker factory; however, due to a number of issues, Jones moved their business over to the GST factory. The increase in quality of the 2014 model is readily apparent and includes a marked improvement in speed, flex and feel.

The board performs fabulously in powder thanks to its blunt nose shape. Blunt nose boards actually mimic the performance of a longer board tip without the added length and swing weight. The Jones Flagship features the company’s signature Hard Core core; a hybrid poplar/beech wood core designed to maximize pop, durability and, of course, power transfer.

This board owes its incredible speed to its sintered base and stone ground finish. The sintered base is extremely durable and the fastest natural base material available on the market. The stone ground finish helps to displace water which makes your ride significantly faster. The special Carbon Quadrax laminate helps to keep you feeling steady on your feet while you’re tearing down steep hills at full-speed.

The Mellow Magne-Traction edges on the board means incredible traction on turns. The technology utilizes multiple contact points along both sides of the boards which improves the grip acting much like a serrated knife. The result is a significant reduction in the drift that one normally encounters in boards with rockered designs.

This board offers a very forgiving ride and is really fun to carve in. While a freeride board, it can be taken comfortably into the pipe but you might want to avoid using it in the park.

  • Incredibly fast
  • Remarkable grip
  • Stable ride
  • Slightly heavy

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