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Cycling helmets

Published on February 2nd, 2014 | by Daniel Feinstein


Louis Garneau Vorttice Black Knight Helmet

Louis Garneau Vorttice Black Knight Helmet Daniel Feinstein
Aerodynamics - 100%
Comfort - 80%
Protection - 100%
Appearance - 100%
Price - 80%

Summary: Intimidating and well-engineered, the Vorttice is one of the premier triathlon helmets available on the market.


Imposing performance

The imposing visage of this helmet is matched only by the incredible performance that it offers. Whether you want to shave time off the cycle leg of your triathlon or reach the scene of the crime without delay, this is the helmet for you.

Aptly named “Black Knight,” this is one serious looking helmet. Forgetting for a moment all of the incredible features that makes it one of the premier triathlon helmets on the market, the intimidation factor that it brings to the equation almost makes it worth purchasing. It makes you feel like an Imperial Storm Trooper and promises to scare the bejeezus out of anyone daring to glance back at you on the road.

Of course, this helmet is more than just a bad-a$$ look. Louis Ganeau has invested a great deal of effort in creating a helmet that offers triathletes enhanced aerodynamics. Dimples were added to the front of the helmet, much like those you will find on a golf ball, in order to subtly disrupt air just enough so that the flow of air is increased over the helmet’s surface. Air is then accelerated once it hits the special Vortex Generator. At the front of the helmet, at the point where air pressure is at its greatest, is a vent that directs air along 3 evacuation channels offering improved aerodynamics and fantastic ventilation.

The Vorttice is easily adjusted to your head thanks to the Garneau Spiderlock SL and the Steplock SL Dividers allow you to quickly adjust the position and length of the helmet straps with a locking cam design.

The rear of the Vorttice cuts off more abruptly than other helmets in its class. This means that it is lighter and helps to reduce wind resistance when turning your head.

Topping off this great helmet is a very convenient and imposing mirrored blackout lens which not only offers your eyes protection from the sun and wind but minimizes the accumulation of fog.

The Louis Garneau Vorttice Black Knight Helmet looks great and performs incredibly, enabling you to ride faster and look better doing it.

  • Superior aerodynamics
  • Intimidating
  • Incredible ventilation
  • Can pinch back of head

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