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Running Shoes New Balance Men's MO10 Minimus Gore-Tex Trail Running

Published on January 16th, 2014 | by Daniel Feinstein


New Balance Men’s MO10 Minimus Gore-Tex Trail Running Shoe

New Balance Men’s MO10 Minimus Gore-Tex Trail Running Shoe Daniel Feinstein
Stability - 100%
Comfort - 100%
Design - 100%
Price - 100%

Summary: These are the best shoes that I have ever owned. Perfect on pavement and off; under clear skies and through inclement weather.


My favorite!

As a minimalist runner that runs both on pavement and off, I could not dream of better shoes than these. The MO10 Minimus Trail Running Shoes are the shoes that I choose to run in daily. They are my shoes. I love them. They are…PRECIOUS…to me.

The concept of minimalist shoes and the advantages of running “barefoot” has been gaining in popularity for a number of years now. I had been reading articles here and there and I finally decided to buy myself a pair a couple of years ago. I tried on a number of different models.

Many minimalist shoes are designed with individual compartments for each of your toes. I guess that they are taking cues from the whole “barefoot” concept. At any rate, I found that they feel kind of weird and constricting. In the end, I bought the New Balance Minimus. I was hooked from the very first run and haven’t run in anything but minimalist shoes since.

Alas, not all was perfect in the world of minimalist shoes. I did encounter a problem, something common across all of the different brands available. The problem was that minimalist shoes weren’t exactly what one would call “all-weather shoes.” In order to keep these shoes as light and comfortable as possible, very lightweight and porous synthetic materials are utilized in the uppers. As a result, your feet are left somewhat exposed to the elements, especially if your run sockless as I do. This doesn’t pose any problems during the summer but things can get hairy during the cold winter months, especially when there’s a couple of inches of snow on the ground.

The Uppers

The New Balance MO10 Trail Shoe was built for the minimalist runner that runs in all kinds of weather over all kinds of terrain. The thing that really sets these shoes apart from other minimalist shoes on the market is the water-resistant Gore-Tex material that makes up the shoe’s upper. The great thing about this new upper is that it not only helps to keep water out and your feet warmer, I have also found that I am getting less rocks and dirt in my shoes while I run. It is important to note that there are certain parts of the upper that aren’t made up of this water-resistant material, such as the tongue. I imagine that this is to allow for your feet “breath,” and it is just as well as it could get really nasty in there otherwise.

The Sole and Midsole

The soles are from Vibram and they are fantastic; offering, flexibility, durability and plenty of grip. As a trail shoe, they did offer more protection from small rocks then what I found in New Balance’s regular Minimus shoes. You can still feel the rocks, of course, but it’s not anything even remotely resembling uncomfortable.

Topping it all off, it’s a pretty hot looking shoe. I always felt a bit as if New Balance didn’t quite pay as much attention to the look of their shoes as some other companies have. That changed with the introduction of their Minimus line of shoes. I can honestly say that I spot people checking out my shoes when I run and have even had people stop me to ask about them which has never happened before. The MO10 Trail shoe is available in a number of different colors; some tame and some…well, not so tame.

People look for different qualities in their shoes and some require different qualities in their shoes. If you are a fan of minimalist shoes and looking for something appropriate for good weather as well as bad and over pavement as well as off then you absolutely must treat yourself to a pair of New Balance MO10 trail shoes.

  • Water-resistant Gore-Tex Upper
  • Comfortable
  • Lightweight
  • Tongue isn’t water-resistant

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Dan began running at the age of 10 and ran competitively through high school participating in both Cross Country and Track. He later found himself in the military where accumulated a great deal of knowledge and experience in hiking, camping and survival. Dan continues to run and has become an avid cycler, taking extended tours on a regular basis. He is currently training for the 2015 NYC Ironman.

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